banana salesmen

selling the bananas a customer needs 

is not always selling the bananas a customer wants 

                                              - Elijah Wood 


        VOGUE ITALIA interview

"a sober look for the American actor"      

          published: 11/24/2011                        

High diver

Fresh banana

featured banana

fun bananas

spec bananas
music bananas
45 sec bananas
short film bananas
Banana Bunch
Banana bunches
Banana on yellow BG


"Growing up, DH never had a younger brother, and Keff never had an older one."  

                                              - David Blaine

"But ever since these two bits of stardust collided in this slice of reality they've been inseparable."

                                              - Neil Degrasse Tyson

"Keff is the peanut to DH's jelly and the zig to his zag.  They're a perfect balance of tasty weirdness."

                                              - Terry Bradshaw 

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