selling the bananas a customer needs 

is not always selling the bananas a customer wants 

                                              - Elijah Wood 


        VOGUE ITALIA interview

"a sober look for the American actor"      

          published: 11/24/2011                        

High diver

Fresh banana

spec bananas
music bananas
45 sec bananas
short film bananas

"Growing up, DH never had a younger brother, and Keff never had an older one."  

                                              - David Blaine

"But ever since these two bits of stardust collided in this slice of reality they've been inseparable."

                                              - Neil Degrasse Tyson

"Keff is the peanut to DH's jelly and the zig to his zag.  They're a perfect balance of tasty weirdness."

                                              - Terry Bradshaw 


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